Travel booking system

A complete tour system for tour operators that enable them to publish tour tickets, configure customization based on their firm, make money online and track transaction.

Modern website

Modern websites are clear, fast and secure with all information neatly organised to give your client a feel of class but simple and straight to the point.

Payment Integration

We integrate your website with all payment getaways available such as visa, mastercard, paypal, mpesa, to ensure all your customers are covered whether domestic or foreign tourists.

Digital marketing

Today before purchasing anything, we first go online then decide based on the findings we get hence it is necessary to make your agency digitally available for locals and most importantly foreigners.

Social media management

98% of the world is on social media and spend most time there than physical interactions thus establishing a strong social media presence is vital to ensure that the customers are informed about the services you offer.


Our platform is built on secure cloud environment with encrypted connections to ensure we protect you online and we offer free life time SSL certificate to ensure your transactions are guided and bring trust to your customers.


We offer website, system and social media(posting, creating, editing and publishing content) maintainance at friendly rates/month keeping your clients posted and establishing an engaging online experience.

Third party integration

We open your website to another software system and enterprise resource planning systems such as salesforce, microsoft dynamics, SAP, Odoo, etc to help you manage and track your company’s operations more effectively.